PSI Patient Coalition

In 2008, Patient Services, Inc. formed the Patient Services Patient Coalition. The Government Relations Department oversees all of the coalition's advocacy activities.

Partner Coalitions

The Patient Services Government Relations Department organizes and participates in advocacy coalitions with our sister organizations and industry partners that champion important public policy issues that positively affect our patients. These vital connections between like-minded groups bring invaluable strength to our message and advocacy efforts on behalf of our patients.

PSI Patient Coalition: Volunteer Patient Advocacy for Individuals

The most important component of the Patient Services Patient Coalition* is the patients! We need your help to get the word out about the issues that are important to you as a community. Individual patients and their families volunteer on behalf of the coalition every day. They attend advocacy events, participate in legislative mailings and call campaigns, and work as grassroots advocates in their states. Make your voice heard and join today.

 * Participation in the Patient Services Patient Coalition is completely voluntary and will have no effect on the level of financial assistance that you will receive from PSI.

Volunteer Advocacy Opportunities

  • Learn how to be a patient advocate.
  • Participate in legislative mailings and call campaigns.
  • Find out about opportunities in your state where you can make a difference.
  • Learn how to interact with legislators to communicate your message effectively.
  • Let Patient Services know about the issues going on in your state and on the federal level that are important to you.
  • Do you know a legislator that might help PSI?
  • Meet other patients who are facing the same challenges.
  • Find out about other advocacy organizations where you can also make a difference.
  • Volunteer to coordinate grassroots advocacy efforts in your state.


Join today and become an advocate!

Advocacy Support Services

  • Effectively develop and communicate an advocacy agenda.
  • Plan advocacy days and schedule meetings for patients and industry partners.
  • Strategic planning for legislative initiatives.
  • Grassroots support for legislative mailings.
  • Organizing coalitions.

If you'd like to partner with PSI on an upcoming advocacy opportunity please contact us.

Advocacy For Organizations

The Government Relations Department at PSI offers support and guidance for grassroots efforts by patient advocacy organizations across the country. Getting patients involved can be the most effective way to communicate your message to a broader legislative audience. PSI has over 20 years of experience mobilizing patients to ensure the concerns of the chronic disease community are heard.


Patient Services Partner Coalitions

  • The Specialty Drug Access Coalition (SDAC)
  • Insurance Caps Coalition
  • Plasma Users Coalition (PUC)
To join a coalition or find out how Patient Services can work with your organization to develop one please contact the Government Relations Department.