At PSI, our caring staff understands the issues that face newly diagnosed patients and their families. There is no one way to deal with the surprise of being diagnosed with a chronic illness, but there are ways PSI can help one obtain a better quality of life.


PSI is making a difference

PSI programs can help families avoid financial ruin or a reliance on public assistance programs like Medicaid. Our end goal is simple – offer services that provide peace of mind to a patient and his/her family by helping them afford the medical treatment they need in order to facilitate well-being and prevent financial devastation.


Did you know?

  • Most of those who have been helped by PSI programs have averaged 16-24 months of assistance and between $5,000 to $15,000 of assistance stood between them and financial devastation or bankruptcy. Additionally, 70 percent have transitioned into a better situation in life due to our assistance. These better situations are: obtaining group or individual private insurance plans, improving financially to assume premium or co-payment responsibility, and going back to work.
  • Of the donations received, approximately 90 percent of the funds contributed to PSI go directly to customers enrolled in our programs to help them pay insurance premiums, pharmacy bills, and the cost of recurring treatment co-payments.
  • Since 1989, PSI has helped tens of thousands of patients.
  • Personal service is the cornerstone of our business. To better support patients, PSI has grown its infrastructure. Currently, we have a staff of more than 50.